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Once Upon A Child - Oak Brook

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Once Upon A Child buys and sells gently used kids clothing (size 0 to 20), toys, and baby gear offering you the opportunity to recycle your children's nearly new items and get paid on the spot.  Or better yet, trade them in for things you need now!


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Come shop for all things SPRING!  

Most Wanted Items

1. Strollers!

2.  High chairs / feeding booster seats

3.  Walkers / Jumpers / Exersaucers

4.  Playards

5.  Outerwear- Rain Coats, Spring Jackets

6.  Shoes, Sandals, Rain Boots

7.  Summer Sleepwear - sizes 18 mos to youth 16

8.  Swimwear

9.  Dancewear - Ballet shoes, leotards

10. Boys spring and summer apparel

Interested in selling your baby and kids stuff?  Below are some quick points on our buying process.  You’ll find more information throughout our website or contact us if you have any other questions.

§  No Appointments Necessary.We buy all day, every day and all seasons. We work on a first come , first serve basis.  We try to finish quotes within one hour and must pay you out the same day.

§ We will review your items carefully and select the items that meet current demand, style, and condition standards.

§ Clothing must be in good condition, of current style (last 2-3 years), freshly laundered and laid flat in a box, bin or basket.  Bags tend to wrinkle the clothing which will decrease what we are able to buy. 

§ We buy ALL SEASONS in children's apparel.*PLEASE NOTE- We are extremely selective when buying newborn & infant apparel in sizes 0-24 months. We are looking for 2 & 3 piece outfits and dresses with diaper covers.  Outfits should be placed together (not pinned)

§ Toys and equipment items must include all original parts, be clean and in good working condition.  If any equipment are disassembled, we may request that you put it together in our store so that we can check that it is working properly and it has all parts.

§ Safety and product quality are always our top priorities.  For those reasons, there are some items we are unable to buy: cribs, cars seats, formula, recalled items, products not meeting current Government Safety Standards.

§ Some other items we do not purchase: furniture (changing tables, rockers/gliders, dressers, toddler beds, cradles, train tables), accessories (bibs,socks, hats), most plain & common onsies, older style bathtubs, diapering essentials (diaper pails, potty seats), car seat and stroller accessories, feeding essentials(bottles, pacifiers, dishes), safety locks, stuffed animals, leap pads, room decor, crib bedding & blankets.

§ We will generate a quote from our computer system and offer you payment* on the spot for all items accepted.  *Payments over $30 are offered in the form of a check.

§ Have fun RECYCLING and enjoy the extra CA$H

Do you want to be more successful selling your toys to us?
When you bring in toys, be sure all the pieces are there.  We love to buy toys and games but can't purchase them if they are missing pieces.  Also, it's very helpful if you bag the pieces together so we can identify what goes with what more efficiently.  It makes it much quicker for us to go through your items so you can be on your way sooner - with a handful of cash!

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